Privacy Screens and Decorative Fencing for Noosa Homes

Constant exposure to heat, sun, and humidity can wreak havoc on traditional fencing. Wood slats will rot, peel warp, and crack. Steel panels will rust faster by the ocean than anywhere else. Decorative fencing is no exception to this …read more.

Caloundra Aluminum Fencing and Privacy Screens: Privacy Can Be Beautiful

Finding an attractive solution to privacy needs can be challenging. Wood fencing looks great for the first few months, till the heat and humidity take their toll. Steel is heavy and cumbersome to work with, but looks terrific – until …read more.

Aluminium Decorative Fencing and Privacy Screens for Coolum Eateries

It has been your dream to open an upscale seaside restaurant. Remarkably, everything seems to be falling into place. You want to use the semi-enclosed patio seating built by the previous establishment, but are concerned that the …read more.

Privacy Screens and Decorative Fencing for Mooloolaba Resort

You, a seasoned interior designer, have just been hired on to establish the décor for a new resort in Mooloolaba. On your last project, you worked with a company that said they did fencing for Mooloolaba businesses, but they turned out …read more.

Sunshine Coast: Fencing Really Can Be Beautiful

If you spend a lot of time in your yard, you’ve probably devoted a bit of time to making it a wonderful haven in which to relax and entertain. You may also have thought that drab, off-the-shelf fencing was your only option, and that’s …read more.