Aluminium Decorative Fencing and Privacy Screens for Coolum Eateries

It has been your dream to open an upscale seaside restaurant. Remarkably, everything seems to be falling into place. You want to use the semi-enclosed patio seating built by the previous establishment, but are concerned that the surrounding environment may be disruptive to the experience you want to create. Decorative fencing for your Coolum eatery provides the ambience you want amid high foot-traffic and numerous community events that occur on the beach just outside your restaurant’s walls.

Elysium Deco Screens and Fencing offers a wide range of privacy screens for Coolum businesses that you can install easily around your patio. Our team of highly experienced team have 15 years’ experience working with aluminium for fencing, and in Coolum, as with all Sunshine Coast customers, we’ll install our product for you. We can anything custom made to suit your needs. Otherwise, we ship the finished product to your site Australia-wide.

Functional Decorative Fencing Available to Coolum

Elysium believes that fencing in Coolum doesn’t have to stop at functionality. Decorative fencing seen in Coolum highlights the area’s unique style, vibe, and beach culture. Select from our extensive catalogue of designs, colours, and finishes, or provide us with your own design for custom privacy screens for your Coolum patio. Our panels come in three standard sizes, or we can cut panels to your required dimensions—even producing circular work for added flair. Fencing options do not have to make your patio space dark and confined, and decorative fencing provides stylish privacy while still letting in the light.

Compared to other fencing materials, aluminium fencing for your Coolum establishment is a great investment because it’s long-lasting, has low-maintenance requirements, has the durability that can withstand extreme Australian climates and can be custom crafted to fit the client’s and the establishment’s tone and tastes. Aluminium doesn’t rust, warp, rot, corrode, or split, which are common problems associated with wood and steel fencing in Coolum and contributes to their shorter lifespans.

Choose Elysium to Enhance the Style and Décor of your Business

Elysium is an Australian-based company located on the Sunshine Coast. We focus mainly on aluminium and aluminium composite panels. Composite panels have two aluminium sheets with a plastic layer in the centre, making it a lightweight alternative to fencing in Coolum that also assists in blocking sound. All our screens are cut in house which allows us to control quality and ensure customer satisfaction, and our products don’t stop at outdoor aluminium fencing for Coolum either. We believe that beautiful decorative panels can be used as privacy screens throughout Coolum establishments to separate space without the expense of building internal walls.

Consider decorative fencing inside the Coolum restaurant to separate sections for diners, providing the illusion of intimacy and privacy. Or, use our aluminium partitions to designate an area for large parties. When working with aluminium panels, the possibilities are virtually endless. Use our versatile product to enhance the look and feel of your entire establishment with decorative wall panels, or even as table tops for your outdoor patio. Call today to discuss needs, tastes, and options and keep your dream of opening an upscale seaside restaurant alive.