Privacy Screens and Decorative Fencing for Mooloolaba Resort

You, a seasoned interior designer, have just been hired on to establish the décor for a new resort in Mooloolaba. On your last project, you worked with a company that said they did fencing for Mooloolaba businesses, but they turned out to be ill-equipped with virtually no experience which produced a sub-par product your client hated. Their poor quality reflected on you, and you are not willing to let that happen again.

Now you’ve found Elysium Décor Screens and Fencing—an Australian-based company local to the Sunshine Coast. Our team’s 15 years of experience working with aluminium is exemplified through our exceptional quality decorative screens for Mooloolaba resorts. As manufacturers, we get our supplies from local companies which allows us to control the quality of materials we use for our products such as privacy screens seen throughout Mooloolaba. Our craftsmanship turns functional fences into decorative fencing. In Mooloolaba’s tourism economy, modern décor draws attention and boosts bookings.

A Cornucopia of Uses for Decorative Screens in Mooloolaba

Decorative fencing at Mooloolaba resorts can have a multitude of uses both indoors and out. They can separate designated areas, provide mounted wall decorations, offer shade as patio awnings, and act as stylish protection against guests tampering with meter boxes, electrical rooms, staging areas, and other off-limits places. Privacy screens at Mooloolaba pools provide guests with privacy and blocks some of the intense sun rays. Decorative screens in Mooloolaba resort restaurants are a lovely addition to half-walls and area separators that adds a touch of style without having to carve designs out of expensive and hard-to-work-with materials such as marble. Privacy screens in Mooloolaba guest rooms can also create the impression of luxury while separating designated space. Screens are ideal for suites that will house multiple guests or has a full kitchen and lounge area accommodations separate from the bedding rooms.

Experience, Craftmanship, and Quality with Elysium

With Elysium, fencing in Mooloolaba doesn’t have to be drab and boring. View our gallery for ideas before you browse our extensive catalogue of designs, colours, and finishes–then select from our three standard sizes. For a personalised touch that will make your resort stand out and turn heads, supply your own unique design, and we’ll create custom decorative fencing for your Mooloolaba resort in the cut, size, and even shape you want. We use aluminium over other fencing and partition materials because aluminium doesn’t rot, rust, bloat, warp, split, and is its upkeep is very easy. As opposed to wood and steel, aluminium is a long-lasting option that is easily customisable.

Our aluminium fencing options are often comprised of single aluminium sheets or aluminium composites panels. Composite panels have three layers—two thin aluminium sheets with a plastic core that is 40% lighter than a solid aluminium slab and helps reduce noise pollution. Call today and speak with our passionate and highly-qualified staff about the vision for your new project and we’ll help you put together a plan that utilises our extremely versatile aluminium fencing at the Mooloolaba resort.