Elysium Decorative Screen

Installation Guide

Elysium Decorative Screens makes installation easy. We can custom drill holes in your screens, supply fixings and fixtures such as panel mounts, stand offs and cable hanging systems to enable you to hang or install your screens. Our screens are light weight and robust enabling them to be hung without any special requirements, similar to a painting. There are so many options when it comes to installing your screens, some examples are;

  • Framing – Using timber or aluminium you can box the screen in, great for standalone privacy screens, roofing on patios for shade etc.
  • Screw them – into a post or a wall, we recommend using wall mates for gyprock or masonry walls.
  • Glue them – For Block Walls, glueing provides a great permanent solution.
  • Hang – For interior wall art (not out in the wind) an easy solution, especially for rental properties is to hang them with picture hooks rated for the appropriate weight.
  • Panel Mounts/ Stand off fixings – These are a stylish way to display your screen on a wall. Panel mounts are inserted through a hole in each corner of your screen, then screwed into a wall. They are available in different heights enabling you to hang your screen with various distances between the wall. This space allows the shadows from your screen to be visible, creating an interesting dimension not otherwise noticed when a screen is hung flush to the wall.

Contact us to discuss your requirements, or simply have a chat about installation options.

Elysium Decorative Screen Pool Area with Decorative Screen Floral Design

Create depth and shadows by using panel mounts/ standoffs to display your decorative screen.

Panel Mounts/Stand Offs