Caloundra Aluminum Fencing and Privacy Screens: Privacy Can Be Beautiful

Finding an attractive solution to privacy needs can be challenging. Wood fencing looks great for the first few months, till the heat and humidity take their toll. Steel is heavy and cumbersome to work with, but looks terrific – until the rust sets in or the finish peels off. Is there a better solution? We think so – aluminum fencing for Caloundra homes presents a beautiful, durable, low maintenance option. The unique patterns and designs available with aluminum mean that you can get better privacy protection without sacrificing airflow.

You can’t get the same flexibility and options with wood or steel, with either one more airflow means better visibility. Aluminum is also much lighter in weight and far easier to install – often you can do it yourself. The light weight lends itself to far more versatile applications as well – pergola roofs, balcony screens, external wall decoration, and even interior wall dividers or artwork. The possibilities are endless, and Elysium Deco Screen and Fencing can help you come up with the perfect solution for your home’s needs.

Custom Designed Privacy Screens for Your Caloundra Home

At Elysium, we offer you the ability to customise privacy screens for your Caloundra home. Whether you need an unusual size, shape, or pattern, we will work with you to make your vision a reality. You can take your own drawing, your child’s artwork, or any other design and watch it become a fantastic piece of functional art. Custom finishes and colours are available to further personalise your screens, with everything from mirror finish and metallics to a full range of powder-coated colours.

Embossing is another option that can add an artistic element to the final construction. Our design team is ready to work with you to form the ideal piece top incorporate into your space to make it feel open and inviting while ensuring visual privacy. Not up to custom designing? No worries, we have many pre-designed choices to pick from, and you can get some ideas from our Screen Gallery and Colour Gallery. Every screen can be pre-drilled for easy installation, just let us know how you’d like to mount it. We carry a selection of panel mounts and stand-off mounts in coordinating finishes. Stand-off mounts are popular for wall art in particular as they create shadows that add an extra dimension of interest.

Aluminum – Simple Maintenance

It’s hard to find a material easier to care for, and more durable, than aluminum. Even with special finishes and powder coating, our aluminum fencing requires minimal maintenance, something that you can’t say for wood or steel. An occasional wash with a gentle detergent, then a quick rinse is more than enough to keep it looking good year after year.

We’re so confident in the quality and resilience of our products that we warranty them for up to seven years. In the harsh Australian climate, with exposure to heat, humidity, and sea air, we still guarantee them. You won’t find a longer-lasting or better-looking fencing for your Caloundra home.