Privacy Screens and Decorative Fencing for Noosa Homes

Constant exposure to heat, sun, and humidity can wreak havoc on traditional fencing. Wood slats will rot, peel warp, and crack. Steel panels will rust faster by the ocean than anywhere else. Decorative fencing is no exception to this. Homeowners now have an attractive alternative – aluminium fencing. Noosa residents have loved the variety and durability of Elysium Deco Screen and Fencing’s Australian-made aluminium products.

With up to a seven-year warranty, you can be sure that your Elysium aluminium privacy screen, fencing, or gate will look good for years to come. It doesn’t get better than aluminium for low maintenance, durability in Australia’s harsh climate, and a huge variety of design choices to suit every need.

Aluminium Fencing Maintenance in Noosa

No one likes maintenance, but you do it anyway because we know the effort is worth the time spent keeping something looking new. For wooden fences, this can be time-consuming. Restaining, sanding, and repainting wood or replacing slats and posts all take valuable time that is better spent enjoying your yard. Even steel, with its tendency to rust even faster in salty air, is not a good low-maintenance alternative. Enter aluminium fencing for your Noosa home and yard.

This versatile, lightweight material is quite the chameleon – it can take on a multitude of designs in varied shapes with an array of finishes and colours, all while looking good year after year with what is truly minimal maintenance. Elysium’s aluminium fencing requires nothing more complicated than an occasional wash with a gentle detergent, then a rinse. It doesn’t get easier than that. With such easy handling due to the low weight factor, you can even install our aluminium fencing yourself. Our panels aren’t limited to the backyard, either. We can create beautiful indoor privacy screens and artwork for your walls as well. You can see our entire product range in our Gallery, but don’t let that hold you back from creating your very own custom designs as well. If you dream it up, we’ll work with you to make it a reality.

A Multitude of Options

We’re not just saying that we have a lot of options – we really do have a huge variety of choices that encompass everything from size to pattern to finish and colour. Want a mirror finish to brighten up a room? Done. Looking for powder-coated fence panels to match your house? Got it. You can design a panel to be as inconspicuous or as attention-getting as you’d like. With colours ranging from soft neutrals to vibrant colours and shiny metallics, the perfect combination is waiting for you at Elysium.

We love to work with our customers to create the perfect decorative accent or functional, but beautiful, fencing. Our design team is happy to show you all the possibilities for privacy screens for your Noosa home. We ship throughout Australia by courier. Don’t wait any longer to add the perfect design element to your home. Contact us today on 0497 585 767.